Library FAQs

Membership FAQs


How can I apply online for a membership? 

You can join online by filling out our application form. Once you have applied you will receive a registration number which you will need to take to your local library with at least one proof of address (digital or paper) for a member of staff to verify and for you to receive your physical library card. 


Can a membership be taken out on the spot? 

Yes, if you bring at least one proof of address (digital or paper) to your local library we can sign you and anyone under the age of 18 up to a library membership on the spot.


Is there a library membership fee? 

No, there is no fee for becoming a member of the library. However, fees may apply for replacement cards. 


Library Book FAQs


How does loaning a book work?

Once you are a member you can borrow up to 15 books at one given time and you can borrow them for a period of 3 weeks, this period can be extended up to 5 times by logging into our website and checking your account or by calling 0333 370 4700. You may not be able to extend your due back date if the book has been reserved.


Is it possible to search the library's catalogue online? 

Yes, through our website you can search the library catalogue for books within our borough and throughout the consortium.


Can I reserve a book?

Yes, you can reserve books online by searching for them through our website, you just need a registered account. You can also have staff assistance to reserve a book at one of your local libraries. Fees apply to this service if you are over the age of 18. 

Library Event FAQs


How do I find out what events are going on?

We post all events onto our eventbrite page; you can narrow your search by checking out our collections page where all the libraries and promotional events are listed. 


Are library events free? 

Yes, all library events are free and all residents are welcome to join. There is no requirement to book for our events unless it is specifically stated in the listing. 


What is the best way to keep up to date with library events?

The best way to keep up to date with library events would be by following our Facebook, Instagram and Eventbrite. We also have a monthly newsletter that covers new and promotional events as well as other library news. 


Library Building FAQs


Can I print and photocopy at the library?

Yes, all our libraries are equipped with printers that can print and photocopy. You will find instructions on how to do this at your local library. All prices are displayed here.


Is there wireless internet available? 

Yes, all our libraries have a public wireless internet connection available. When you connect you will need to register with your email address.


Can I come with my own laptop?

Yes, all our libraries have desks that are designated workspaces, these spaces may be used if you have your own device or if you are studying. None of our workspaces can be reserved beforehand.